German tuner Prior Design has released Mercedes -AMG GT models designed body kit, with their words, the installation kit Mercedes -AMG GT group will be even more impressive. Prior Design package design has been very aggressive, especially with the performance in the car. AMG GT car as the immediate installation of wide-body kit, front and rear extended even changed the German sports car character. In addition, this kit also includes a set of very aggressive front lip, surrounded on both sides of the front spoiler also with (air knife), body side installation with side skirts make the perfect over the front and rear. Installation of duck tail rear spoiler, rear spoiler also surrounded on both sides of the front and echo, while the diffuser at the bottom so that the rear of the car looks athletic full range of children. Dynamic part of this white Mercedes-AMG GT S currently maintains the original setting, to be a more stable power upgrade kit appears, and then into the factory owners will upgrade. Based on what we learned from the rooms of the German tuning house specializing in power message, the face of this with 4.0 l V8 twin-turbo engine, they are actively developing related packages, but they also revealed that only the early stages of rewriting a computer program on the basis of conversion maximum horsepower will be able to break 600HP, if more with a high-performance exhaust pipe and intake system and to take into account the daily driving stability as a precondition, then data over the power range of about 650HP to 700HP, and this can not help but think of, except outside this coupe, sharing many parts of the W205 Mercedes-AMG C63 S, the strong future potential for conversion!