Use small concrete mixer error Small concrete mixer manufacturers to introduce the next small concrete mixer in use errors: 1. Remove the small blind concrete mixer engine thermostat If the result of the engine temperature is high and the blind dismantle thermostat, coolant circulation only big, can not adjust the cooling intensity, it is difficult to ensure that the engine at temperatures more appropriate, but to make the engine Self propelled concrete mixer work often in low temperatures, resulting in decreased engine power , accelerated wear, increased fuel consumption. If the engine thermostat malfunction after repair or replacement, the engine temperature is higher, it should repair other parts of the cooling system, not dismantle the thermostat. 2, the engine temperature is low is not afraid afraid of heights Some people think small concrete mixer truck while driving the engine temperature is low is not afraid afraid of heights. In fact, the engine temperature is low, the dangers are great. It should be based on the normal temperature driving small concrete mixer using the instructions provided in order to ensure that the engine life. 3, the pump fan belt tight as possible The more belt tightening is not possible. Not only will it stretch belt too tight or broken, shortening the life of the belt, but also because the tension is too large, leading to the generator shaft, pump shaft bending deformation and bearing early damage. Tightness small concrete mixer engine fan belt should meet the technical requirements, deflection at normal belt assembly is 10-15mm appropriate. 4, engine idling warming When heated with idle due to low speed, oil pump lubricating oil can not be quickly pressed into the surface of the lubrication oil pressure is low, the engine all moving parts work under dry or semi-dry friction state; fuel due to low temperature poor atomization, unburned fuel (mixed gas) into the crankcase, wash away the oil film on the cylinder wall, will accelerate the mechanical wear and tear. So, a few seconds after the engine is started, the application of fast idle temperature (in modern cars have dedicated fast idle equipment, temperature rise after the machine will automatically adjust to the idle state), improved engine lubrication conditions. 5, with a blowtorch baking oil bottom Winter blowtorch baking oil bottom, not only will the oil additive chemical changes, the loss of their property, but also to make oil cement, oil pan deformed easily cause a fire. The best approach is based on the choice of the local winter minimum temperature compatible oil. 6, rather high not low tire pressure Some people like to charge a small concrete mixer tire pressure too high, that it can overload but also fuel. This is not correct. Tire pressure is too high, reduce the tire tread wear increased, but also easy to puncture. Tire pressure is too high, so tire adhesion coefficient decreases, reducing the braking effect braking, increasing the amount of measured slip (especially in the rain and snow roads), traffic safety cause greater harm. Small Portable Concrete Pumps Tire pressure is too low is not good, it will cause the tire shoulder wear, folding tires, increased fuel consumption and so on. Standards should be marked on the tire pressure inflatable, inflatable content is generally standard pressure ± 5% is more appropriate. When the square concrete mixer vehicle idling causes of jitter Xiaobian to introduce the next 2 square concrete mixer vehicle idling jitter Analysis: 1, causing the mixer body shake most common reason is that the throttle too dirty or too much coke fuel injectors, you can try cleaning 2 square concrete mixer circuit, view the idling motor has no carbon to clean up.  2,2 square concrete mixer ignition system problems. Check the working conditions mixer spark plugs, high-voltage wires and ignition coils, ignition system work bad, bad spark plug arcing condition will such failure phenomenon. You can view the spark plug is too much coke, timely replacement of spark plugs mixer. 3. If you have already cleared two square concrete mixer engine deposits, washed throttle, oil pads and spark plugs replaced, still when idling body shake, we recommend you to service stations Check fuel supply pressure and the intake pressure sensor and so it is normal, if not normal fuel supply pressure or intake pressure sensor value error and working poor will lead to 2 square concrete mixer body shake. We recommend that you check the oil, if necessary, replace parts. 4. In addition, two square concrete mixer jitter may also be related engine aging. Engine Mount suspension system is the engine, the engine is responsible for absorbing feet when the engine is running fine jitter, if the engine foot problems, Separate concrete placing booms these vibrations would be transmitted to the steering wheel, cab, causing jitter in the idling.

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