The difference between self-loading mixers and compulsory mixer First, the advantages of compulsory concrete mixers and self-loading concrete mixers: the advantages of compulsory concrete mixer is good mixing quality, stirring speed, high production efficiency, simple and safe operation. The disadvantage is that engine wear serious, generally need to use high-strength alloy steel or other wear-resistant lining material do more for centralized mixing competitive price hzs60 concrete batch plant for sale station. Since Advantage fall concrete mixer is to use the weight of the cartridge materials were mixed work, more energy conservation. The disadvantage is that affect material adhesion and friction, mixing process of concrete aggregate has greater wear and tear, resulting in adverse effects on the quality of concrete. Second, the scope of compulsory self-loading concrete mixers and concrete mixers: agitation forced concrete mixer than self-loading concrete mixers strongly advised to mix dry hard concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete, flowing concrete can also be stirred. Self-loading concrete mixers suitable for mixing concrete and plastic concrete low liquidity.  Third, forced concrete mixers and self-loading concrete mixers components: the inner wall of the mixing tube forced concrete mixer welded curved blade, when the mixing tube rotating around a horizontal axis, the blades continue to upgrade the material to a certain height, and then free fall mutual blending. Since the inner wall of the mixing tube does not fall concrete mixer blades, mixer drum roll driven by material mixing. Fourth, the compulsory concrete mixers and self-loading concrete mixers installed components: compulsory concrete mixer drum and blade wear small, easy to clean, but the power consumption, and low efficiency. yhzs35 ready mixed portable concrete batch plant Self-loading concrete mixers mixing tube is placed vertically, with the rotation of the mixing tube, the concrete mix was stirred barrel in free fall-type flip stirring, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring. V. compulsory concrete mixers and self-loading concrete mixers stirring: forced concrete mixer is not moving tank, using a stirring claw inside agitation mixing, the effectiveness and efficiency of better than self-loading. Self-loading concrete mixer is mixing tank by rotation, it will rise to the upper part of the tank inside the concrete, but also falling, so the cycle of stirring. The difference between the above-mentioned aspects of the comprehensive, compulsory concrete mixer in the production process can bring more convenience to the user, so the self-loading concrete mixers are gradually being replaced by compulsory concrete mixer. Concrete mixers in the industrial machinery industry to be optimistic Concrete mixing is critical that consumers understand food ingredients, along with the national policy on commercial concrete mixing strict norms, consumers seem to be hard to find in regular stores stirred no concrete sign of food for sale. Today, concrete mixers have been widely used in industry field. Concrete mixers in the industrial machinery industry to be optimistic Concrete mixers considered a very young industry, but the industry is developing rapidly in recent years, packaging equipment concrete mixing machine industry gradually rising sign, and quickly achieved a certain status in the packaging equipment, industrial safety, efficacy of aspect, consumers know that the most direct way is through industrial packaging way to get information, alibaba china concrete batch plant for sale and therefore industrial packaging equipment concrete mixing machine in which the actor signed a very important role in. In the seventies and eighties, because of the peoples living standard limit, so the demand for drugs-related aspects of industry and the market is not a lot, was mainly in the packaging industry relies on artificial manual operation, however, will be faced with artificial concrete mixing efficiency check low, stuck crooked, uneven thickness glue and fold range of issues, concrete mixer has significantly improved the work efficiency, and attached to the exact location, good quality and high stability. But because China is still no industry more standardized criteria for most packaging machinery industry reference, therefore, the development of concrete mixers presents a more confused state, manufacturers only from the objective aspect prices to win market specifications. Imitation serious , the lack of high-end products, only stay in a low level, but some companies also take price competition, leading to confusion in the market of concrete mixers. But have to say, the prospect of concrete mixers sector is widely favored, therefore, in a highly competitive environment, a concrete mixer industry is committed to meet the different needs of users, to ensure that users needed for the production of a variety of development opportunities, not to Low malicious competition, the quality of quality as the core of enterprise sales management, hzs60 price of concrete batch plant and promote the healthy development of the concrete mixer. In addition, in the pursuit of development, concrete mixer should be more pragmatic. In the coming years, to improve product quality, create The new brand image, with long-term healthy development of concrete mixers companies ultimate goal.